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Sickness and rest. Actor's training pt. 1.5

So, should I write all this out again? I've written like two drafts to this blog, and I don't think any of them are actually any good to send out, it's mostly just a bunch of venting. SO, for my third try, let's see where this one will go haha. Most of the venting is about how I'm sick and how much of a bummer it is, but every time I get to a certain point I keep realizing how little it matters. So I should try a new approach, and learn from my second mistake and fix it for the third try! Let's go into the facts.

Currently I'm sick with Covid, which reeled it's ugly head probably Tuesday night, I got super weak, started getting cold sweats, and thought I was going to pass out. Luckily I was able to get home alright. The next day it was just a day in bed, doing absolutely nothing. I had the idea of getting a whole bunch done since I was going to be out from work, getting a bunch of script work done. Though, I did some of that work it was very little and instead that day came Thursday. I still really wanted to get this piece up on it's feet on Friday to remain consistent, also making sure I'm keeping promises with myself which is a beautiful sign of self discipline, love, and respect. So with all the script work done, Thursday night I was working on memorizing my lines. I would get done voicing a few of my lines and then I would go into a coughing fit, I tried to push through that until I was able to get half of my scene memorized, but at that point I just couldn't go on. I decided to wait till the next day to see how I felt. Friday came and sadly I was coughing more than I was on Thursday, I had more energy all day, I could get outside and kick the soccer ball around, but I sadly wasn't able to do much without going into coughing fits again. I had to postpone.

Ugh, how sad. But the universe does these things for a reason, and I think it was important for me to rest. So because I have Covid, I have more time to heal, I have more time to develop more of my systems and more time to set up how I might even want to film the scene, or anything else... also rest. Right, gotto remember to actually rest. Though posting this blog is a big win, I think I also won by developing my character much more than I did my first scene, so that's actually more than my 1% developmental increase, and I felt that my character was a lot more activated when I was practicing my lines. The two new tools that I learned this week within the book were Inner Objects, and Beats and Actions I'd say the beats and actions tool was super useful to me, I'm still working on the inner objects tool in practicality.

The next step for me right now is to continue my work on the scene and it's current due date has been moved to Monday, so we will see if that will work out, if not than I will film and perform two the next Friday. Which also means I'll be putting myself to work on another script. It's also been really fun to read these scripts too. I think it's just setting me up for how to be looking at these roles, and so far it's already proving to be an insightful way into making an applicable practice, based off actually what is to happen in the industry. I'd love to really step up to collaborating with other artists as well, and I think that'd be a great idea honestly. Just take the time to plan and create a timetable, and put it up! Actually, ok, that's something I might be able to set up now. Just figuring out what scene would be important as well.

OK! So that'll be my next steps. My next steps are to collaborate with other artists. While planning for this next phase of your script work, begin also planning on working with someone else. Let that be a longer process, and work on that a couple times a week in a span of a month let's say, that way you can still put a larger percentage into the weekly work that you do. There is a sense that I could change this to every other week which would give me a little bit more time, because maybe the workload is too much. however, In theory, here's what I imagine will happen;

I want to see if my work capacity increases with this workload. If I do in fact set this up to being the standard, can I adapt to that as opposed to having to adapt it to what I'm feeling now? So far, it's doable, it's a lot of time and energy spent, but these tools are also getting done faster as well, as I'm beginning to realize more what works for me and what doesn't. So I'd say let's keep the schedule and continue forward, seeing how I will fare. Tonight I'll probably finish this up and allow it to be the work for the day. Allow myself to rest, or watch a movie and chill out. Tomorrow I'll start on a new script, maybe allow myself a masked up trip to staples to print the whole thing out because I absolutely hate reading on my computer. Then, I'll also continue memorizing lines for this weeks scene, and I'll get ready to film for Monday. I'll post a video Monday and a video Friday. That's that! I'll do another write up on the blog for the Monday shoot, and again for the Friday shoot. Alright. Enough of my rambling! Much love and I'll talk to you all very soon!

Here's an accurate representation of me right now under my blankee.

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