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I am an artist. My medium is acting, and I explore stories and characters that mirror a reality in our world today to create: empathy -> action -> positive change.

I’m deeply spiritual and commune with ghosts and spirits through my artistic practice. I’m granted a deep sense of responsibility to help heal these souls through the act of being seen and heard. For those who see and hear, I am a collaborative medium to tell the story, mission, and message shared between myself and the spirit.

I intentionally practice self-improvement and conscious self-destruction to create and expand upon my own life. I offer what I have improved upon to those around me to hopefully, slowly but surely, transform the world into something far more positive and beautiful than we ever thought possible.

I like to open the scary basement doors. I live to make mistakes and overcome inadequacy’s that are generally left unsaid and hidden.

I’m treading my own path here. For years I’ve been discovering myself through self help, modern and classical psychology and therapy, the art of acting, athletics, health and wellness, and quite simply, life. I’m not about to stop now. I have yet to discover so much. A title I’ve granted this path of mine is:

My Journey Toward Artistic and Spiritual Freedom.


This freedom to me is:

  • A profound understanding and allowance of my art.

  • The discovery and a continuous communing and building of the spirit.

  • The exposing and acceptance of my shadow self.

  • The self-permission to live financially free, humoring the capitalist world to later transform the system from within.

  • To discover and support those who are actively and consciously developing themselves and transforming the world around them.

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