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Patience and Curiosity

Can You Dance With Energies as Opposed to Brute Forcing Your Way Through Life?

Published on my newsletter Jul 3rd, 2023 11:00 AM

I’m sitting here racking my brain for everything I might be able to share with you. I realize that there are times when some things simply don’t occur. So while in this minimal movement area, there are a few things to realize:

  • Movement is in fact happening.

  • If you feel you’re not experiencing anything it means you’re running unconsciously through life.

  • Show up to everything with curiosity and patience.

A meditation I had about 2 weeks ago led me to discover what my soul was wishing to say for some time. I settle into my meditation with a pen and paper, I then take some of the first words that I feel energetically reverberate through the entirety of my body and write those words down. They can be sentences. One of the most pertinent words to me that emerged was “patience.” My soul has probably - obviously - been noticing my discomfort for where I’m at…. everywhere. I have a tough spine and wonderful survivability and adaptability so I feel this discomfort for my progress is sustained for long periods of time. When I see the harsh reality of where I’m at I start getting progressively more and more impatient. I want to be somewhere I am not currently.

When in this state there are a few dangerous thoughts that take place.

I think I’m not doing enough. I have to hop on my computer and do so much more, meet more people, call more people, and send more emails.

When I don’t make progress instantly I start feeling like I’m not enough. I need more certificates to solidify authority, like I need more acting experience to get to the next gig like my body isn’t strong enough to move the projected weight.

It’s a vicious cycle that repeats itself, and when you think about it…. this would probably be the exact same case if I was further in my career as an actor, or more financially free than I currently am, wouldn’t it?

But even while you’re in this vicious cyclical self mentally harming pattern, there is something looking after you, and working at reaching you. There’s a great balancing act happening here, it’s energy at play. When things seem hard and you’re going through these unconscious spirals, your spirit is sending you messages constantly to come back to peace and offer you wisdom just as it told me to inhabit patience.

This past week I allowed myself this patience. Not to judge myself for not getting to my extra work, allowing myself different forms of rest, meeting with friends, and learning new things.

There’s also an importance of curiosity. I find curiosity and consciousness pair quite well together. You can’t just sleep through life, open your eyes and see what’s in front of you, find out why it’s there. How do these things make you feel? After you use the mind, can you simply feel? Can you let moments breathe life into you and grant you energy, as opposed to letting so much take away from you? I believe you and I can do that.

Can you dance with energies as opposed to brute forcing your way through life?

A rock will strike another rock and lose parts of itself. Water will invite this rock on its way to its intended destination, and a few pieces at a time of the rock will join along.

I was actually just thinking earlier today (Sunday as I write this) about how I need to get back to the hard work. While I think that’s true in some aspects there are a few things here:

  • Calling it hard work only makes it harder, what do YOU want to do instead?

  • You’re just saying that and are kind of full of shit because you have no fucking idea what to work on. You just expect there to be work, which might be true, but ultimately, you do have control over what you work on. You simply have not solidified what work to get back to.

There are many things I want to get to. I have this long list of EVERYTHING I have to get done and sometimes I’ll pick from that list and knock stuff off, but a lot of those things I don’t have to do or could delegate to someone else who’s far better at it than I am. But what’s most important is I’d like to get back to listening to my spirit and truly, deeply, intentionally hear it in regard to my task toward patience. So let’s start back small. Let’s start where I want to go, and a little bit here and there about where I must go. Let the stream and the flow of the stream go. Follow its path, and it’ll find its way. I trust that.

Thank you very much for reading today, I always intend to offer you as much of my soul as possible to mark down what I’ve learned, so that you may also gain as much as possible from my writings. It’s such a pleasure to be able to write like this, thank you for being subscribed and I can’t wait to continue offering you more writing like this.

Much love today and every day,

Matt Piper 🐅🌱

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