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I wish to inform you all of my amateurism.

Hello and hello my dear sweet friends! I hope you are all well and wherever you are, you are comfy, cozy, and safe. I just had a bit of an understanding. As a self labeled writer, I'm here learning on my own. Though I have knowledge from school - very minor since I was a typical C's get degrees student - It's hard to figure out what these blogs are really going to be about, and also, I doubt my ability a lot because of the fact above, but one thing I do understand is that there does have to be a particular need for the said writing. I have two forms of writing. I have my daily notes which help me access my subconscious, place it on a page and make that conscious. A way to explore some of the deepest parts of my being, it's meditative and very spiritual. But hi, here is the other form of writing in which I am making direct contact with you, as the viewer of my reading. Something I don't actually have a lot of practice with. One reason could be that I used to think that even when I performed, people would just seek me out because of my talent, and how my voice was on the song, or how I acted out the part. But the more I realize what art is to me - of course art is different for all sorts of people and I expect my understanding of art to change rapidly in my rapidly changing life - the more I want to begin to make certain I'm implementing it within all of my art. Thus my practice is now here placed in these blogs. Baby steps folks.

As I mentioned above I believe that there has to be a particular need in the writing. Why is it that I'm writing this? Well I write here because I want to practice a form of communication with someone other than myself. I am in fact writing for you, whether I receive a response or not, this is in fact for you, the reader. My writing is based off of the people that I'm talking to. Many aspects of my life hold a lot of variety, so different topics speak to different people. I can't simply speak to the whole human existence, or, I suppose not yet. So that's really what I want to practice. I want to pinpoint a particular need that I observe is an important subject, it then processes through me, due to this being a blog that is something that I, Matt, want to write, and want to enjoy, then, I place my thoughts on a page and try to make it as understandable to you, the audience, as possible. So, from here on out, remember that my writing is subjective to my own experience or my own experience of learning of an experience. I'll try my best to be honest about what I know and don't know, I continually ask myself many questions and I expect to be wrong a lot of the time in the pursuit of learning. Thus, feel free to cross reference, and fact check, and tell me what you think in the comments or in a message. A part of my learning is accepting feedback.

So what's the need for this particular blog? Well, there's a chance I may write two blogs today, just because I'm having fun with it, and to also test out this idea. I find that my honesty is something I don't want to lose in my blogs. When I write I'll constantly go back and correct myself, in writing. You may look at one of my blogs and see a hell of a lot of question marks, but I see a lot of value in that. There's a time and place for you to see how I process the question. How I process concepts and how I expand on them, it's what works for me, and if it's something that works for you, I am sharing it openly. Trying to be as honest with it as possible. There's also a time to be more certain about subjects, and offer you those helpful hints that I use to go about my everyday life. Though I don't usually think things are all that simple, there's a time for everything. In all honesty, to simplify the need of this piece to a sentence. I wish to inform you all of my amateurism. It's a fact, I will be an amateur in many things in my life, and the only way to get better is to learn by the practice of doing. Making minor or major, or minor and major improvements each time, nothing less than. Thus, here I am as a human being to write as human as I can possibly write, and give you a few clues into my life that can be of relation to your own life, for you to decide whether or not to look deeper into and make changes within said life. If there is something that you are curious about with me, or something in this wild world, please comment, I may not know the answer, I don't know many things, but I know a lot about a few things, so if it's something I can discuss I will. If it's not then I will simply say I don't know, and decide whether or not it's valuable to me to actually know it for myself for another time.

Lastly, I want to lay claim to a path I've carved out in these here woods. One of my principles out of 6 is "self development". I speak about all things that are a way to move forward and improve on lessons learned, as well as what we can work on to "develop". Another of the 6 is "unconditional love" So I want to hold that as a basis of the work here. I want to promote positive energy here. However, we don't hide from the negative energies in this world, we accept them for as they are and see them as what we can learn from them. Exploring the negative is IMPORTANT, exploring the cave without a safety rope is another thing. We might really step into it here, and explore spots that are uncomfortable, tight, cramped, sometimes not being able to crawl back out the way you came. But as long as we take precautions and trust ourselves, we will be able to find the way out by moving forward. What's in front of us will usually be something far better than the thing that we came from. So let's continue our exploration. I'll see you when I see you. Perhaps later, could be, who knows?

Best, and Much Love,

Matt Piper

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