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Musings of the First Week of 2023.

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Last year, though I made many actions I felt like it didn’t hold as much direction as these actions are now. What’s occurred has been a state of learning, quietly. Quietly obtaining knowledge I never knew I needed, and it would gather and gather, and then hopefully one day I would act on all those ideas wrapped around my pretty little head. This year, even this first week, and couple of weeks before the year ended, it’s been more about conscious action. I’m much more public now with Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Twitter, and the like. I do, most of the time, feel these are calm conscious actions. Inspired, and gung-ho and loud at times, but I always come back to the understanding of what needs to be done. But maybe it’s just because it’s raining outside that I feel calm. Outside circumstance could pertain to inner feelings. I’ve been taking action, and these actions are small. They are to do small actions, small creations, because I don’t usually “create” and I need to adapt further into a creationist. My content might appear to be really dumb or cringy, not highly valuable or structured, but with that I say no one begins an expert.

I want to inspire and I want to encourage. I believe people suffer in this world, and I want to help ease this, whether that’s through my films, my acting, performances, or my education. I believe in the innate ability for people to make positive change within themselves. I want to inspire and lead by example, and then I wish to educate as I’ll be able to explain ACTIONABLE steps. That’s the pathing. Just like my short form is to lead people to my long form. My long form being YouTube, films, podcasts, this writing here, and actual face to face conversation. All of these things are innate within myself, and I believe in the ability to change based on my own evidence and evidence of those close and far from me. We’re adaptable creatures, and we will continue to do so. Adaptation comes from the actions that you put into place to become what it is that is important for you to become, and that is my path right now. To adapt.

I’ve been stepping out of the mindset that I NEED someone to collaborate with to actually be able to create something, that’s a fallacy, I don’t need someone else to lead me to the success that I want to achieve. I don’t believe that anymore. I can ask for help, and I WANT to collaborate, as I want to explore the art of different people, and explore their worlds in which THEY have created. But right now, I have a theory.

My theory is this, and I’ll say it out loud because whether I succeed or not will simply be information, and you’ll be invited to take a look into this information: I will be able to get a solid agent within my market and move to California or NYC by the end of 2023.

I say this because I feel I’m on the right path. I’m going to be directing my own films, my own scenes, creating my own work from nothing. and it’s funny because I have a very “large” acting goal - Be a lead in a feature film. This was a HUGE leap for me, like one of those 10 year plans, because, behind it, I was thinking: “become a lead in a feature film that is directed and produced by very large figures in the industry.” Yet, how in the world am I going to gain the trust of these very large figures in the industry if I don’t even have a Reel? Or hardly enough footage to make a reel? Let alone someone who wants to hire me to work in a short, or a guest character, or supporting. Yea, I have no proof as to whether or not I’m going to be an asset or a liability. So thinking exactly like that “How can I be an asset to them” why not be the lead in my own Feature Film? Show anyone that I can tell a story, and develop within THAT skillset, of learning the assets needed to create a story on film. That’s where I grow my skills, and then consistently grow them by taking conscious actions. So what are the actions that I’m working on right now to achieve that? Let’s take a look.


  • Writing a short story 4 a week - 30 mins free write

  • Morning pages to explore subconscious - 30 mins

  • Posting a Tik Tok and Insta Reel every single day (how can you tell a story in 2 minutes or less- Batching content, Learning time management and SMM

  • Exercise - sauna - steam - 2hr - 5-6 times/wk

  • Editing - Learning Premiere Pro as I’m going, finding the time to try something new, and play around with video data - As I’m batching the videos

  • YouTube - Will exhibit the trial and error of my filming/directing/producing/gaffer/editing/lighting designer/costume designer/acting/etc. experience


  • Social Media Management (SMM)

  • Management/Leadership

  • Sales

  • Financial Literacy

  • Story building

  • Screenwriting

  • Editing - Premiere Pro, After Effects, PhotoShop

  • Productivity and Time Management

  • Health and Wellness - always

Ok, I’ll admit, looks like a lot, in terms of learning, I’m not learning all of these every single day. With the topics that I’m learning I plan on picking a topic every week and going all in on learning that. In theory it sounds really helpful, because 7 days sounds like enough time to learn as much as possible, apply as much as possible, and as you move onto a new subject of interest the next week, you’ll be able to look back at the distilled notes while you continue to implement the knowledge. So you’re practicing what was learned while moving onto the next subject of learning.

I just feel like I have to learn these things in order to move as far forward as possible, and It doesn’t feel daunting (usually listing it out calms me, maybe I wasn’t as calm with what I need to learn before I wrote this, nonetheless!) when breaking it up I know that in time I will come to learn these things, more and more as I continue forward in my life. These are the actions that I must learn in order to be an asset to these people, and to those around me. I’m certain there’s plenty learn.

In the meantime I can tell my own stories, and learn to make them as I go along this path. This feels like an invaluable unending skill I can develop, and I’d really like to. So my plan is this. I’m honestly really curious as to what’s going to occur. I was about to ask you, my readers, to follow along, but it’s funny, I’m the one feeling really curious as to what’s going to happen. I feel here, within my writing, that I’m on the outside looking in, a reader following along the journey of this young actor, somewhat excited to get to the next chapter, but doesn’t want to miss one bit of this one. So you’re welcome to follow along, I’m going to be doing the same, because I’m very interested and excited to see what’s to come from this process.

Much love today and everyday.

-Matt 🐅🌱

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