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How the Ivana Chubbuck Technique is so applicable to life

Being about halfway through Ivana Chubbuck's The Power of The Actor I'm noticing more and more in my everyday that parallel to the tools and techniques that are approached in the book itself. For better or for worse I've been delving DEEPLY into this work, I've been spending just about every hour that I have into it during my days, and though I'm working for a different objective now, I can see how I have expressed a need, expressed obstacles, and found that I'm more activated within my own life. Let's explore this topic some more.

Where I'm At.

Currently my goals are set up into multiple areas. I have goals within Community, Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Self Development, Acting. These are similar to my pillars, but different as a few express more specifically another area in my life that's important. My pillars, or my values in life are; Community, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Self Development, and Unconditional love. To focus on the prior, I develop goals within the areas that are effective to me now, so I can even be more specific within these particular areas, Health and Wellness can separate into way more areas; Mental Health, Physical Health, food intake, gym, and can even reach into areas like community that involves the Mental Health aspect. So, with these goals, I've been trying to get more and more specific, one is particularly relevant to me. "I want to non-judgmentally create and bring to life a human being to mirror to an audience, or consumer." AKA to be an actor. Though this mission statement is important to continue making more and more specific, and this has helped me exponentially by being able to visualize this more as opposed to the question that always popped up for me "then what does an actor look like?"

Now that I have this very specific goal, I've been learning a lot about minor changes, being more and more able to make smaller steps as opposed to giant leaps, and this is applied with this goal. Now I have my OBJECTIVE, I've been seeing that this occurs daily too where I have a "SCENE OBJECTIVE" every time I wake up and think about what it is that I need to accomplish. My goals are within Self Development, and the fact that improvement is happening is part of the reward. James Clear writes this is what a habit is, it's "Cue, Craving, Response, and Reward." (Atomic Habits). Setting this up within my daily life, I now find it quite easy to put pen to paper, make prints, read through the script, and so on.


I'm curious as to more of the applicability throughout life this book could hold. My current examples are on the basis of building your OVERALL OBJECTIVE and SCENE OBJECTIVE and OBSTACLES, throughout goal building and system building. I'm also using principles used in Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte which isn't actually a book that I've read, but systems have been built by Ali Abdaal and Thomas Frank which you can watch these videos here to better explain the system that I'm currently working on developing for myself.



I hope that sometime soon I will have a deeper comfortability in this system that I'm creating for myself, I'd love to share more with you, but at this time I'll continue sharing the work that I'm posting up in the acting area of my life. Let's keep building. Small step by small step. Much love today, and until next week!


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