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Advanced Technique

For those wishing to develop their acting and business further and delve into the creation of three dimensional human beings on stage and on screen.

What to expect.

     Within this advanced acting technique class I will cater to you and to your work. At first meeting, we'll discuss your goals as well as understanding of the craft, your past and current training, and where I can help you move forward.


     I work personally with an advanced athletic mindset. We are professionals within our craft, so we must train intensely as such. Anticipate high volume work, consistent feedback, and a master project curated to you to really sink your teeth into.

     I also work holistically, we will dive into how to work towards growing in this industry, while also staying sane, I will be able to offer stress management techniques, organizational techniques, and we'll discuss what it means to make you the CEO of your own company, as we are the only one's officially in charge of our art. 


     For those wishing for Advanced Technique, please contact for additional details and pricing. If you wish to proceed I will send you a side to read three days before a meeting to see where you are currently at.


For pricing and more info please contact.

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