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College Audition Prep

For those looking to seek out further training in college for their craft, I'll help you build your portfolio, or help develop an existing one. While continuing the training of fundamentals of technique. 

What to expect.

     Our session together will be an hour long, where in first contact I'll get to know you, and also ask for your goals within this craft. I will ask for two contrasting short one minute monologues so I can see where you are at currently. I want to curate this process to you, so come in ready with your goals written out, and some of your favorite work in mainstream media, eg: what's your favorite movie, play, musical?

     Throughout our time together I will be helping you to develop your portfolio, with scenes, and monologues. We'll work on fundamentals of acting, as well as discussing a holistic plan to develop you as a whole human being. I want to see you thrive, whether that's in the craft or not, I want to make sure that you as a person are well taken care of.


For pricing and more info please contact.

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