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Matt Piper

Artist, Actor, Filmmaker.

A Journey Towards Artistic and Spiritual Freedom.

  • To Develop

  • To Reach

  • To Shift

  • To Adapt


My Mission

Empowering your story through the lens of an actor and filmmaker. Bringing a unique blend of artistic imagery through the composition of footage, and a detail oriented analysis and desire to tell your story through my ability and experience as an actor, with a commitment to delivering exceptional quality and a passion for storytelling.

How I Can Offer You the Most Value.

Hire me for my creative passion.

Contact me today to discuss your project and how I can bring your vision to life through my acting.

Ready to take your brand to the next level with cinematic content? Let's talk!

In all my work I strive to create a conscious, well thought out, and specific product. I want to help you grow alongside my journey. Let's talk about how I can best tell your story.

Curious to Follow my Journey?

I will be sharing every Monday my findings, my lessons learned, and my next steps as an artist on a path towards artistic and spiritual freedom.
Join me and stay up to date!

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